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About the Owners

The Williamson family have visited Praia du Luz for over thirty years and during the first twenty stayed at many villas in different locations in Luz.  With a love for the area, the beach and the friendly businesses, Copper and Vernon purchased the villa back in 2010.  At the time the villa was also rented but over the years, since then the couple have spent money on modernising and adding features and comforts to the villa.  As those that regularly visit the villa know, it's always a case of spotting the differences.  The history of renting villas themselves, uniquely places them in understanding what visitors seek. In addition, as the family has expanded and the number of grandchildren grown, so have the family facilities and it explains why the kitchen is so well equipped.


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To contact the family,  Copper and Vernon please e-mail info@casaverao.com or ring 0131 663 2965 where there is an answer machine should we not be available.  The villa is also available through Book Algarve

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